Social Media IllustratioN

I write and illustrate stylized memes targeted to your audience. 

Brands are utilizing memes more than ever to increase engagement in their Instagram feeds. The best ones usually have a humorous twist or convey a strong value statement that people can get behind. 


The problem is that while memes are shareable, they don't always promote your product or values successfully. That's exactly why I create illustrated comics and meme-style posts for brands. Custom illustrations give your content a new spin that feels fresh and share-worthy for your followers.  

In an effort to grow my own network as well, I'm offering my services for custom illustrations with packages starting at just $100. Scroll for more details.

Break up the monotony of product photos and give your audience something new to share... a good laugh.

How It Works: 

  • Once hired, I do some basic research into your brand, and tap into the vibe you’ve worked so hard to achieve. This includes using colors and style that will blend into your current social media feed and keep your brand consistent. 

  • Next, we talk concepts. This is about creating an ad that doesn’t look or feel like an ad at all. It feels like something your followers just love because you “get” what they’re about. 

  • Finally, I create the final artwork for your brand to use in an upcoming campaign. With 1 round of revisions included, we can be sure the artwork is perfect for you. 


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